Secura India Realty AIF 1

Secura India Realty AIF 1

Secura Investment Management (India) Pvt Ltd, the promoting group of first SEBI registered realty venture capital fund in Kerala and first SEBI registered shariah certified fund in India, launched a new Alternative Investment Fund, Secura India Realty AIF. This is the third investment fund managing by Secura Investment Management (India) Pvt Ltd.

Secura has launched Venture Capital Fund earlier and successfully managed two schemes under this fund. The first scheme, Secura India Real Estate Fund Domestic Scheme 1, has wound up with successful payback record and the second scheme, Secura India Real Estate Domestic Scheme 2, is in investment stage.

The AIF with minimum 1 crore investment size, as per SEBI Regulations, targets to invest in privately identified realty and development projects. IL&FS Trust Company Limited (ITCL), Mumbai is the trustee to the Fund and Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Pvt Ltd (TASIS), Mumbai is the Shariah Auditor.

Key Advantages and Benefits ‐ Realty Alternative Investments

  • The investments of Secura are at "Land Cost" stage. A fund invests and collaborates with developers/ land owners from inception to completion.
  • Along with the geographical spread of investments, the fund capitalizes on both the early mover advantage as well as reaps the benefits of economies of scale in the implementation/ construction stage of its various investments/ projects.
  • An Alternative Investment fund reduces the risk profile of real estate as an asset class by offering diversified investment portfolio managed by experienced investment managers. Thus, it provides the benefit of a defensive investment alternative.
  • Being a pool of investment, the wide range possibilities that Alternative Investment funds offer are much larger compared to direct investments. The whole investments will be rooted to the best possible locations and a large number of projects in which the quality gets distributed across various sectors. Real estate alternative capital funds provide an effective hedge mechanism through portfolio diversification.
  • An individual investor needs to have the backing of a solid capital to venture into big investments. But for Alternative Investments, a fund enters the project typically at land cost stage. Thus the entry cost of the fund's investment is far lower than that of an individual investor.

The Fund is invested by investors with a minimum amount of 1crore without maximum cap as per the SEBI (The Securities and Exchange Board of India) Regulations. The Shariah Advisor of the fund is Mumbai based Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Private Limited (TASIS) and the Trustee is IL & FS Trust Company Limited.

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