Secura India Real Estate Fund

Secura India Real Estate Fund Domestic Scheme 2

Secura Investment Management (India) Pvt Ltd. is the Investment Manager and manages the Secura India Real Estate Fund Domestic Scheme 2, which has been organised as a scheme of the Secura India Real Estate Fund, a SEBI registered close-ended venture capital fund with a focus on the Indian real estate and allied sectors.

The Investment Manager seek to make investments in privately negotiated equity investments in unlisted companies in India subject to the prevailing regulations and laws in India. It is anticipated that the Fund will invest in sectors related to Real Estate related activities. The investments and operations of the Fund shall in addition be subject to such further restrictions as are deemed necessary by the Shariah Advisor to the Fund to ensure that the same are in compliance with the Shariah. 

The Fund is invested by investors with a minimum amount of 5 Lakhs without maximum caps as per the SEBI (The Securities and Exchange Board of India) Regulations 

The Shariah Advisor of the fund is Mumbai based Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Private Limited (TASIS) and the Trustee is IL & FS Trust Company Limited.

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