Secura Fund

Fund Investment Philosophy

Venture Capital Financing, is a mechanism to institutionalize innovative entrepreneurship. Venture Capital helps enterprises, which may not fall within the norms of conventional financing. In the case of high growth and high risky ventures, like real estate projects and those promoted by new entrepreneurs, the intellectual capital by way of the project idea/concept and the relevant track record are often the major contributions from the promoters. At this stage, the venture capitalist steps in with his contribution by way of equity / equity related instruments besides other value added & need-based services such strategic management support etc. After the enterprise settles down with profitable operations & normally with capability to raise funds from conventional sources, the venture capitalist exits by selling out his shareholding. In other words, Venture Capital Financing denotes the investment in high-risk ventures willing to share in the risk of the project, with the expectation of commensurate levels of returns.

The VC investment in any real estate projects are typically at "Land Cost" stage, means a fund invests and collaborates with developers/land owners from inception to completion. Along with the geographical spread of investments, the fund capitalizes on both the early mover advantage as well as reaps the benefits of economies of scale in the implementation/ construction stage of its various investments/ projects. A VC real estate fund reduces the risk profile of real estate as an asset class by offering diversified investment portfolio managed by experienced investment managers. Thus, it provides the benefit of a defensive investment alternative.

Secura delivers a unique business model to achieve the reasonable return at every stage of business cycle. This is achieved through various thoughtful processes. Generally Secura Partnering with reputed entrepreneurs to develop and enhance their property development real estate project portfolio through funding the special purpose vehicles from the stage of purchase of land itself. Every investment by Secura will be after a careful study of and analysis with the restrictions and guidelines of Shariah. Through these multilevel processes Secura creates unique model of investment and business in Indian economy as well as Shariah economy.

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